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How to Be a Counselor to Your Financial Planning Clients

Not all financial advisors are created equally. While some are perfectly content to buy stocks for their clients and help them fund retirement accounts, others want to go deeper and form a stronger relationship with those they advise. If you’re an advice-based planner...

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Curiosity: The Secret to Your Entrepreneurial Success

What do Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs all have in common? Many of you might say imagination, which is certainly true, but I would argue that there was something else there that made them truly great: curiosity. These three great innovators knew that if...

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Want to be More Interesting to Your Clients? Here’s How

No matter what you tell people (or yourself), you likely want to be known as an interesting person. This can be especially prevalent among financial planners who often have the stigma of being boring or sticks in the mud. Unfortunately, many advisors try so hard to...

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How to Focus on Your ‘Why’ of Being an Entrepreneur

Do you ever stop to think about the ‘why’ behind what you do every day? As entrepreneurs, many of us focus too much on the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of our careers, but we never drill down deeper to discover why we want to own our own company. We want to know how to build a...

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