There are many learning opportunities available around the country for advice-based financial advisors who want to grow their business and become better fiduciaries for their clients. I’ve talked at length about learning from books, videos, and podcasts, but sometimes the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in a multi-day industry event or conference. You can often find multiple ways of learning all in one venue and meet many others in the industry who could become valuable connections. Due to our commitment to learning, we have developed one of these events centered around the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting on May 5th. EvolveCon 2018 will feature networking, speakers, roundtable discussions, and more. Here’s how you can grow your business by attending this inaugural event.

Network with Other Advisors

When you talk with others who have the same goals and many of the same experiences as you have building their business, you can learn a lot. Sometimes, hearing others advisors talk about why their business is struggling or how they find ideal clients is exactly what you need to see your own business in a new light. Not only can this type of networking spark ideas and help you problem-solve, but it can also help you develop friendships and camaraderie that make your business a more fulfilling and rewarding endeavor.

Learn from Experts

As a lifelong learner, I am always encouraging the planners I work with to focus on multiple ways to learn for both business and personal reasons. No matter what type of learner you are, I think you can benefit from listening to experts—especially if it’s in an in-person setting where you can ask questions and get involved in illuminating discussions. EvolveCon will feature multiple high-level coaches who will talk about everything from entrepreneurship to how to scale growth and everything in between. We’re also offering a limited number of tickets to attend the Berkshire meeting on Saturday so you can learn from two of the top level minds in the industry: Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger.

Develop Mentoring Relationships

To really succeed in building your seven-figure entrepreneurial business, I believe you need to develop a network of mentors. Finding the right mentors is the key to this endeavor, and there’s no better place to find mentors than at an event like EvolveCon. You may find that other advisors attending the meeting can act as mentors, or you may decide you want to pursue a mentoring relationship with one of our accomplished speakers. When you have a chance to be around this many industry experts in one place, you can easily pinpoint one or more whom you want to add to your list of mentors who can help your business grow.

Identifying opportunities to truly take your learning and networking opportunities to the next level is key to your current and future success. When you attend multi-day conferences or events like EvolveCon 2018, you can often accomplish in a few days what it would otherwise take months or years to learn. If you have any questions about attending EvolveCon, please shoot me an email at I would love to tell you more and hopefully meet you in May!

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