Our team at True Measure is still buzzing about the valuable lessons we learned at the 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting. Warren Buffet, 85, and Charlie Munger, 92, fielded questions from investors, reporters, and analysts in impressive fashion. The day started out with an entertaining movie consisting of commercials and hilarious clips of a few Berkshire Hathaway companies and even comical scenes of the two billionaires themselves. Afterwords, Buffett and Munger took questions for most of the day. The questions thrown at Buffet and Munger were a combination of critical, complicated, and even heart-felt. In the video above, we explain our first biggest take-away from the meeting.

This video is to be continued… Stay tuned for Part II and let us know if you received value from this video in the comments below. Visit our website at truemeasure.com to learn more. 

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